About Sarah Hyche

I am a full-time resident of Smith Lake and have a Master’s in English and Secondary Education from the University of North Alabama. I taught high school English for six years and was named Winston County’s Secondary teacher of the year in 2004 before transitioning into a career in Smith Lake real estate. I found great success in real estate sales closing over 60 million in sales on Smith Lake during my six years in the business while also partnering with H2 Real Estate in 2008 to become the broker of the Smith Lake office. At H2, we successfully marketed Silverock Cove on Smith Lake selling over 80 homes in this development alone during my 3 years as broker. I joined Spectrum Reach in March of 2013, and I am enjoying helping businesses reach their ambitions and goals through advertising, which gives me a unique perspective in regard to marketing properties as I once again embark on a new venture in real estate. Real estate is something that I am passionate about, and it is a part of me that has always made me feel fulfilled and happy. That is why Firefly…Real estate is more than homes and brick and mortar. It is helping families discover a lifestyle, and I want to enhance that experience by bringing my experience and perspective to the Birmingham market.

I am also a mother to an eleven year old daughter, Mary Kathryn, who keeps me grounded and on my toes, and I have always pursued fitness goals working out regularly my entire life, and I have run in several half marathons and countless 5K and 10K races. I began weight-training in 2014 and surprised myself with some first place overall wins in the fitness competition world. I try to find the balance in all things, which is the fire of life!

My philosophy in business and in sales is quite simple. The most important thing that I have learned whether it is in education, real estate, or sales in general is that it is always about people and relationships. Making the head and heart connection is what draws people toward a relationship whether it is business or personal.  To sell a home, one must capture the imagination of clients and then help them connect that to their sense of reason. If I believe in the product or service I am selling, it is more about teaching and guiding someone toward a more appreciable lifestyle.